Frequently Requested Topics

Board Development Topics

  • Board Roles and Responsibilities
  • Recruiting and Engaging Essential Board Members
  • Strategic Board Financial Oversight
  • Mobilizing Board Fund Raising

Financial Management Topics

Capacity Building Topics

  • Building Infrastructure in Community-Based Nonprofits
  • Getting and Keeping 501 (c) (3) Tax Exempt Status
  • Nonprofit Spin-Offs from Governmental Entities
  • Shotgun Weddings: Evaluating Funder-driven Nonprofit Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Nonprofit Financial Fundamentals
  • Fraud Prevention and Internal Controls
  • Nonprofit Budget Basics
  • Cost Allocation Challenges and Strategies
  • Federal Funds Management: What Nonprofits Must Know about OMB
  • A-110 and A-122
  • Effective Board Financial Oversight
  • Powering Up Board Financial Leadership for Sustainability
  • Accounting for and Reporting on Restricted Funds

Training Approach

Kay designs her workshops to encourage maximum participation and engagement by adult learners. Participants are encouraged to pose challenges and share strategies they have used to address key issues. Each workshop includes an extensive materials packet designed to help participants share what they have learned with others in their organization. Packets include self assessment tools, checklists, and samples of reports, forms, and tools.

Participants praise Kay's ability to make complex financial tools and concepts understandable for both non-financial and financial audiences and the depth of her understanding of the realities of life in often underfunded, over stressed nonprofit organizations. Kay's years of experience as a nonprofit board member as well as executive director, consultant, and auditor allow her to provide multiple perspectives on some of the most daunting issues confronting nonprofits today.


Kay Sohl has provided training and consulting resources for over 3500 community-based nonprofit organizations throughout the Northwest, and led workshops and roundtable discussions at national not-for-profit conferences of the American Institute of CPAs, the Alliance for Nonprofit Management the National Association for State Community Services Programs,, and numerous state and regional conferences and associations.

Kay founded and led Technical Assistance for Community Services (TACS), the northwest’s premiere training and consulting resource for community-based nonprofits. She is co-author of The Oregon Nonprofit Corporation Handbook, a 900 page comprehensive guide to guide to legal, financial, and management challenges of creating and operating community based nonprofits, now in its fourth edition with over 10,000 copies sold. She has served as faculty for nonprofit management programs at Portland State University, Lewis and Clark College, and Concordia University.

Kay currently focuses her training and consulting practice on the challenges of financial management and oversight, board development, public-private partnerships and collaborations, and organizational sustainability. She has designed and led training programs for executive directors, fiscal managers, grant writers, board members, governmental and foundation funders, and attorneys, CPAs, and corporate leaders in Oregon, Washington, Alaska, Idaho, Nevada, Utah, California, and Ohio, as well as presenting regularly for national and regional conferences.

As an Executive Director, a Board member, grant writer, fiscal management consultant, and former auditor, Kay brings multiple perspectives to her training and consultation projects. She has worked extensively with nonprofits developing
and operating affordable housing, domestic violence and sexual assault programs, Community Action Agencies, HeadStart and child care organizations, social justice groups, environmental organizations, and behavioral health services providers.